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Топики для 9 класса:

My plans for the future





Вперёд на Билет 3



Your future profession



Назад к оглавлению







There are many interesting and useful professions but I like the profession of a teacher. I know the proverb: "Like teacher, like pupil." I agree with it. I began to think about my future profession at the

age of 14. I was born in the family of a teacher. My mother is a teacher and I like this profession, too.

When I was a little girl, I went to school with my mother attending her lessons. I saw my mother at the lessons, I watched her and I wanted my mother to be a favourite teacher for the pupils.

Once our English teacher has caught cold. I was in the 9th form and was fond of English.

The head teacher asked me to give an English lesson in the 5th form. I entered the classroom, saw many pupils, sitting at their desks, and said, "Good morning", and began the lesson.

I wanted the pupils to like English. We read, wrote, sang songs, asked and answered questions. I gave English lessons several times and I was glad teaching the pupils when the teacher was absent.

Now I know well what I am going to do after leaving school. I want to be a teacher of English. It is a very interesting and difficult profession. It is interesting because you work with the pupils, with the personalities. It is difficult because you have to teach them a foreign language.

To be a good teacher means to be a highly educated person and to know a lot. Every day I improve my English, reading books, translating sentences from Russian into English, reading English newspapers, looking through magazines and sometimes speaking with Englishmen.
I am fond of English and I want to be a skilled teacher.




1. Like teacher, like pupil каков учитель, таков и ученик

2. watch — наблюдать за кем л.
catch cold — простудиться

4. head teacher — директор

5. personality личность

6. skilled квалифицированный





Nina, have you any plans for future?

   Yes, I have. I am going to be a librarian. I like this profession, because I like books very much.

   I know that your mother is a librarian, isn't she?

   Yes, she is. She works at our school and she is a skilled librarian.

    Do you often go to the school library?

   Yes, of course. My friend and I like to go to the school library after classes.

What do you do there?

   My mother tells us about the books, about the first books in Russia.

    I see that your future profession depends on your mother's profession.

There are many fashionable professions now. They are a manager, an economist, a businessman, a lawyer, a pilot.
I like the profession of a librarian and I like how my mother works.

I think that your mother tells you about big libraries in Moscow.

Yes, she tells a lot of interesting things about the history of libraries. She says that there are nearly 500 libraries in

What is the largest library in Moscow?

My mother says that the Russian State Library is the largest one.

  — What professions do you like?

  I like many professions. But I began to make plans for the future when I was a small girl. My parents are cookers. My mother likes to make cakes and pies. I help her to make them. My pies are very tasty. My friends like my pies. If you want I'll teach you to make them.

Thank you very much. If I have free time I'll ask you to teach me to make pies.

I agree that a cooker is a very interesting and useful profession.




1. Do you think about your future profession?

2. What kind of professions do you like best of all?

3. What do you know about your future profession?

4. What are your parents?

5. Do you like your mother's profession?

6. When did you begin to think about your future profession?

7. The profession of a teacher is difficult, isn't it?

8. Does your father tell you anything about his profession?

9. You want to be a pilot, don't you?

10. What do you want to be?


Me and My Plans for the Future


Let me introduce myself. My full name is Ekaterina Petrovna Ivanova, but friends normally call me by my first name, Katya, I was born on September, 8, 1970 into a family of lawyers. I'm the only child in the family.

I'm a pupil of the eleventh form of a secondary school. Our school is a gymnasium. It offers a general course of academic and non-academic subjects (like sports and home economics), providing general education.

Besides, it offers a number of courses giving profound knowledge in a variety of fields: the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics.

I specialize in the humanities. The course I take includes Russian, Russian Literature, Social Sciences and two foreign languages – English and French. Social Sciences and English have always been my favourites, but my chief interest is law.

My dream has always been to become a lawyer. I've chosen this profession as my future occupation a long time ago. As a child, I listened to my parents discussing professional matters. Little by little, I got interested in the subject and began thinking of law as my prospective occupation. For me, choosing a career is not only a matter of future prestige and wealth. In my opinion, a job should be interesting and socially important. That is the reason why I have chosen the profession of a lawyer, which gives plenty of opportunities to help people in trouble.

I am very well aware of the fact that my interest in the subject is insufficient, I need profound knowledge in the chosen field. That is why my ambition is to enter the law department of the University of Moscow.

That's a difficult task, and I have to study twice as hard as others. I also take a six-month preparatory course at the University of Moscow. We are given lectures on Literature, Social Sciences; we have seminars in these subjects, too, and also tutorials in English.

I hope I'll manage to pass my school-leaving exams and entrance exams at the University with good and excellent marks. That'll give me a chance of entering the University this year. If I fail at the exams, I'm going to have a try next year. I think to become a lawyer is my final choice.



Topical Vocabulary


to introduce oneself  - представиться

to call smbd. by one's first name  - звать кого-либо no имени
to be born into a family of lawyers - родиться в семье юристов

a gymnasium -  гимназия

to offer a general course of academic and non-academic subjects предлагать общий курс академических и неакадемических предметов
home economics - домоводство

to provide general education - давать общее среднее образование

to offer a number of courses - предлагать ряд курсов
to give profound knowledge in a variety of fields - давать глубокие знания в ряде областей
the humanities - гуманитарные предметы
a natural science - естественная наука
to specialize in the humanities - специализироваться по естественным науками

to take a course - изучать курс
a social science - общественная наукаto be one's favourite - быть любимым (о предмете)
to be one's chief interest - больше всего интересовать кого-либо

to become a lawyer - стать юристом
to discuss professional matters - обсуждать профессиональные вопросы

to get interested in the subject - заинтересоваться предметом
one's prospective occupation - чья-либо будущая профессия
to choose a career - выбрать профессию
a matter of future prestige and wealth - вопрос будущей престижности и благополучия
socially important - социально значимый
to give plenty of opportunities - дать массу возможностей
to be well aware of the fact that - хорошо отдавать себе отчет в том, что...

insufficient - недостаточный
ambition - цель, мечта

to enter the law department of the University of Moscow - поступить на юридический факультет Московского университета

to take a six-month preparatory course at - поступить на шестимесячные подготовительные курсы в (каком-либо учебном заведении)

to give a lecture on - читать лекцию по какому-либо предмету

a seminar in - семинар по какому-либо предмету
a tutorial in практическое занятие по какому-либо предмету

to pass a school-leaving exam - сдать выпускной экзамен
to pass an entrance exam at - сдать вступительный экзамен в (какое-либо учебное заведение)

to fail at an exam - провалиться на экзамене
to have a try - сделать попытку
one's final choice - окончательный выбор


Answer the questions:


1. What kind of family is Ekaterina born into?

2. What courses does Ekaterina's school offer?

3. What does she specialize in?

4. What is her dream?

5. Why has she chosen the career of a lawyer?

6. Why has she decided to enter the Law Department of the University of Moscow?


Translate into English:


1. Разрешите представиться: мое полное имя - Екатерина Петровна Иванова, но обычно меня называют не полным именем, а кратким.

2. Я - ученица 11 класса гимназии; наша школа предлагает общий курс академических и неакадемических предметов и несколько курсов в различных областях.

3. Общий, курс дает общее среднее образование, специальный (specialized) курс дает углубленные знания по гуманитарным, естественным и математическим наукам.

4. Я специализируюсь в области гуманитарных наук и прохожу курс русского языка, русской литературы, общественных наук и иностранных языков.

5. Больше всего меня всегда интересовала юриспруденция (law), поэтому я выбрала профессию юриста.

6. Я стала думать о юриспруденции как о своей будущей профессии

еще в детстве, слушая профессиональные споры своих родителей.

7. Профессия юриста - не только профессия, связанная с будущим престижем и благосостоянием, она также социально значима.

8. Чтобы стать юристом, моего интереса недостаточно, и я решила поступить на подготовительные курсы юридического факультета Московскою университета.

9. Моя мечта - сдать вступительные экзамены на 4 и 5.




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