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Mass media

1.How do you get knowlege about the world 


Билет 4


Вперёд на Mass media


2.Press in the United Kingdom (A)


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It is interesting to know a lot. I think it is useful and necessary to know a lot. There are many ways of getting knowledge.


I am sure that we can't live without books. I prefer to read books about travels. I travel with the heroes of the stories. I see many interesting places and learn a lot of important facts about other countries and people.

I like to travel. It is possible to travel by ship, by car, by train on foot, by plane, by bus...


Last summer my parents and I visited Prague. We saw the Old Town Astronomical clock in the center of the city, Charles Bridge which was founded in 1357, a very nice hotel "The President Hotel", National Theater which was built in 1881. We were glad that we had seen the exhibition of the history of Czech glass.

We knew more about people's traditions of this country.

I am fond of painting. My father is a painter and he wants me to be a painter too. We visit art galleries every month.

Visiting them I get interesting information about painters, about nature, about our world. For example, the painting "Trinity" by Audrey Rublev reflects the life and soul of the Russian people.


I think that we get a lot of information by mass media, especially by television.

We watch TV to be well informed. I like to listen to the latest news, especially sports news as I go in for sports. I know that television, often called TV, is very popular in England. Television is very popular among the grown-ups and the young people in Russia.


My mother travels a lot. She knows many interesting things about foreign countries.


My friends come to see me and we ask my mother to retell us about them. My parents are well-educated peoples, and I prefer to get some information from them.


I study at school. I have five or six lessons every day. The teachers know a lot and they try to teach us. I am sure that we have to work hard during the lessons and get knowledge at school.




1. Trinity — Троица

2. Painting — живопись

3. Mass media — средства массовой информации

4.Transmission - передача





 What do you prefer — to watch TV or to go to the cinema?

 I like to go to the cinema very much. But I go there very seldom. I prefer to watch TV at home.

 You have an LCD television set, haven't you?

 Oh, yes, I have. Our TV set is a new one.

 What kind of TV programme do you like to watch?

 I like to watch almost all programs. But I prefer transmissions connected with topical events, educational programs and musical performances.

 Do you like the programme "Russia-24"?

 Yes, I do, I like to read newspapers, but I prefer to learn news watching ТV.

 I like the program "The love from the first sight." It is popular not only among young people. My parents try to
watch it too if they have free time.

 I like this program too. It is difficult to find a good friend in such big city like Moscow. This program gives the
young people a chance to play and choose such a good friends.

 By the way, how many TV channels are there in Moscow?

 We have a modern TV set. It has more than thirty channels.




1. How do you get information about our world?

2. Do you like to read newspapers and books?

3. How often do you go to the museums?

4. You prefer to visit cinema, don't you?

5. Do you get a lot of information by television?

6. When and where do you like to travel?

7. Have you get any information at school?


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