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Детские стишки I - K 








If all the world was paper,

And all the sea was ink,

If all the trees were bread and cheese,

What should we have to drink?


If all the seas were one sea.

What a great sea that would be!

If all the trees were one tree,

What a great tree that would be!

And if all the axes were one axe,

What a great axe that would be!

And if all the men were one man,

What a great man that would be!

And if the great man took the great axe,

And cut down the great tree,

And let it fall into the great sea,

What a splish-splash that would be!


Если бы да кабы!


Кабы реки да озера

Слить бы в озеро одно,

А из всех деревьев бора

Сделать дерево одно,

Топоры бы все расплавить

И отлить один топор,

А из всех людей составить

Человека выше гор,

Кабы, взяв топор могучий,

Этот грозный великан

Этот ствол обрушил с кручи

В это море-океан,—

То-то громкий был бы треск,

То-то шумный был бы плеск.


                         Перевод С. Маршака

About Weather


If bees stay at home,

Rain will soon come;

If they fly away,

Fine will be the day.


If I'd as much money as I could tell,

I never would cry,

Old clothes to sell!

Old clothes to sell!

Old clothes to sell!

I never would cry,

Old clothes to sell!



Chairs to Mend


If I'd as much money as I could spend,

I never would cry,

Old chairs to mend!

Old chairs to mend!

Old chairs to mend!

I never would cry,

Old chairs to mend!



I had two pigeons bright and gay,

They flew from me the other day;

What was the reason they did go?

I cannot tell for I do not know.



I love little pussy,

Her coat is so warm,

And if I don't hurt her

She'll do me no harm.

So I'll not pull her tail,

Nor drive her away,

But pussy and I

Very gently will play.

She shall sit by my side,

And I'll give her some food;

And pussy will love me

Because I am good.



It's raining, it's pouring,

The old man's snoring /храпит/;

He got into bed

And bumped his head

And couldn't get up in the morning.



It's raining, it's raining,

There's pepper in the box,

And all the little ladies

Are picking up their frocks /женское или детское платье/.


If you sneeze on Monday, you sneeze for danger;
Sneeze on a Tuesday, kiss a stranger;
Sneeze on a Wednesday, sneeze for a letter;
Sneeze on a Thursday, something better.
Sneeze on a Friday, sneeze for sorrow;
Sneeze on a Saturday, joy tomorrow.




Ickle ockle, blue bockle,
Fishes in the sea.
If you want a pretty maid.
Please choose me.


 Про белого бычка


I'll tell you a story
About Jack a Nory,
And now my story's begun;
I'll tell you another
Of Jack and his brother,
And now my story is done.



 Царь горы.

I'm the king of the castle,
Get down you dirty rascal.


Я-король. Вот мой трон.
Ну а ты-выйди вон.

                               В. Лунин



Шотландская баллада


I have been to market, my lady, my lady; 
Then you've not been to the fair /рынок; ярмарка/, says pussy, says pussy;
I bought me a rabbit, my lady, my lady;
Then you did not buy a hare, says pussy, says pussy;
I roasted it, my lady, my lady;
Then you did not boil it, says pussy, says pussy;
I eat it, my lady, my lady;
And I'll eat you, says pussy, says pussy.



I went into my grandmother's garden,
And there I found a farthing.
I went into my next door neighbour's;
There I bought a pipkin /горшочек, мисочка/and a popkin.
A slipkin and a slopkin,
A nailboard, a sailboard /виндсерфер/.
And all for a farthing.


В сад я к бабушке пошел
И копейку там нашел.
Что купил я? Шапку, кепку,
А в придачу тряпку, щепку,
Ложку, плошку, шайку, лейку
Все купил

Я за копейку! 

                                    С. Маршак



Intery, mintery, cutery, corn,
Apple seed and briar thorn;
Wire, briar, limber lock,
Five geese in a flock,
Sit and sing by a spring,
O-U-T, and in again.



In fir /пихтаtar /смола/is.
In fir tar is,
In mud /ил, тинаeels /угри/ are.
In clay none are.
Goat eat ivy;
Mare eat oats.


If St Paul's day (29 June) be fair and clear
It does betide /случаться; постигать/ a happy year
But if it chance to snow or rain
Then will be dear /прелестный, славный/  all kinds of grain /зерно/
If clouds or mists do dark the sky
Great store of birds and beasts shall die
And if the winds do file aloft /наверху; на высоте/
Then war shall vex /досаждать/ the kingdom oft.


I do not like thee, Doctor Fell,
The reason why, I cannot tell;
But this I know, and know full well,
I do not like thee, Doctor Fell.


Grizzly bear.


If you ever, ever, ever meet a grizzly bear -
You must never, never, never ask him where
He is going -
or what he is doing:
For if you ever, ever dare /отваживаться, осмеливаться
To stop a grizzly bear -
You will never meet
Another grizzly bear.


I'm a Wizard, I'm a Warlock /маг/


I'm a wizard, I'm a warlock,
I'm a wonder of the age.
I'm a sorcerer /колдун/, magician,
prestidigitator /фокусник/, mage.


I can change into a chicken,
or perhaps a purple pig.
I can wave my wand /волшебная палочка/ and, presto,
I'm a waffle /мерзкий старикашка (сленг)/ with a wig.


With the power in my pinky /мизинец /
I can burst like a balloon
or transform into a tiger
with the head of a baboon.


If I wiggle on my earlobe /ушная мочка/
or I knock upon my knee
I become a dancing doughnut /пончик/
or a turtle in a tree.


Just a simple incantation /заклинание/
and I deftly /искусно, ловко/ disappear,
which I never should have done
because I've been this way all year.


And despite my mighty magic
I'm impossible to see,
for I never learned the spells I need
to turn back into me.

                                             Kenn Nesbitt

I've Never Been...




I’ve never been to Athens and I’ve never been to Rome,

I’ve only seen the Pyramids in picture books at home,

I’ve never sailed across the sea or been inside a plane,

I’ve always spent my holidays in Brighton in the rain.


I've never eaten foreign food or drunk in a foreign bar,

I've never kissed a foreign girl or driven a foreign car,

I've never had to find my way in a country I don't know,

I've always known just where I am and where I'll never go.


I've read travel books by writers who have been to Pakistan,

I've heard people telling stories of adventures in Iran,

I've watched TV documentaries about China and Brazil,

But I've never been abroad myself; it's making me feel ill.


I've studied several languages like Hindi and Malay,

I've learned lots of useful sentences I've never been able to say,

The furthest place I've ever been was to the Isle of Man

And that was full of tourists from Jamaica and Japan.

Полезно школьникам, которые читают стихи по строчкам, не задумываясь о смысле написанного. Расставьте знаки препинания и смысл появится.   


I saw a peacock with a fiery tail
I saw a blazing comet drop down hail
I saw a cloud with ivy circled round
I saw a sturdy oak creep on the ground
I saw a pismire swallow up a whale
I saw a raging sea brim full of ale
I saw a Venice glass sixteen foot deep
I saw a well full of men's tears that weep
I saw their eyes all in a flame of fire
I saw a house .as big as the moon and higher
I saw the sun even in the midst of night
I saw the man that saw this wondrous sight.



Я видел павлина с хвостом огневым
Я видел комету с лицом дождевым
Я видел тучу на грядке растущую 
Я видел репу по кочке ползущую 
Я видел улитку сома проглотившую 
Я видел речку пивом бурлившую 
Я видел бочку с головку спички 
Я видел слезы на кукольном личике 
Я видел глаза с очагом в глубине 
Я видел дома над землей в вышине 
Я видел солнце в двенадцать ночи 
Я видел того кто все видел воочию


                                                         В. Лунин


  А Маршак не понял смысл стишка и перевёл его как тот двоечник, который читал его не обращая внимания на знаки препинания. Они потому и не проставлены в оригинале, чтобы мы задумались на минутку. К стихам никаких претензий, конечно, нет! 


Я видел озеро в огне,
Собаку в брюках на коне,
На доме шляпу вместо крыши,
Котов, которых ловят мыши.
Я видел утку и лису,
Что пироги пекли в лесу,
Как медвежонок туфли мерил
И как дурак им всем поверил!


If I had a donkey that wouldn't go,
Would I beat him? Oh, no, no.
I'd put him in the barn and give him some corn,
The best little donkey that ever was born.


Если бы ослик был у меня упрямый такой, что беда,
Мог бы ударить ослика я? Нет! Ни за что! Никогда!
Я бы зерном кормил его, холил, держал в тепле -
Самого-самого лучшего ослика на земле!

                                                                  В. Лунин





Jerry Hall


Jerry Hall,

He is so small,

A rat could eat him,

Hat and all.



Jack Sprat


Jack Sprat could eat no fat
His wife could eat no lean
/ постное /
And so betwixt /между/ the two of them
They licked the platter clean
Jack ate all the lean,
Joan ate all the fat.
The bone they picked it clean,
Then gave it to the cat
Jack Sprat was wheeling,
His wife by the ditch / канава, ров /.
The barrow turned over,
And in she did pitch / падать /.
Says Jack, "She'll be drowned /утонет/!"
But Joan did reply,
"I don't think I shall,
For the ditch is quite dry."


Jack and Jill went up the hill 
To fetch /приносить/ a pail /ведро/ of water;
Jack fell down and broke his crown /венец, завершение,макушка, темя/.
And Jill came tumbling /кувырканье/ after.

Up Jack got, and home did trot,
As fast as he could caper /прыжок, скачок/,
To old Dame Dob, who patched /заделанный на скорую руку/ his nob
 /башка, голова/
With vinegar and brown paper.



Идут на горку Джек и Джилл,
Несут в руках ведерки.
Свалился Джек и лоб разбил,
A Джилл слетела с горки.

Заплакал Джек, а тетка Доб,
Склонившись над беднягой,
Спешит ему заклеить лоб
Коричневой бумагой.

                                         С. Маршак


Есть ещё один вариант:


Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water;

Jack feel down and broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after.


Up got Jack and home did he trot,
As fast as he could caper;

Went to bed and bound his head,
With vinegar and brown paper.


When Jill came in how she did grin
To see Jack's paper plaster;
Mother vexed /раздосадованный/, did whip /ругать;побить/ her next

For causing Jack's disaster /бедствие, несчастье/.

Я, в своё время, слышал (или где-то прочитал) другой перевод, как раз к этому варианту:


Джек и Джилл несли вдвоём

воду из колодца.

Джек скатился кувырком,

Джилл над ним смеётся.


 Этот стишок повторяли, передавая друг другу горящую лучину. У кого она гасла, должен был заплатить фант. Сейчас тоже самое можно делать с бенгальским огнём.


Jack is alive, and likely to live,
If he dies in your hand you've a forfeit / расплата, штраф, конфискация, фант/ to give.




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