SMOKIE - Chasing Shadows

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SMOKIE - Chasing Shadows



 Don't play that game with me

Our love affair was like a movie show
So beautiful and true
Each piece of love was wild and full of fire
And the stars were me and you
How could I know you found another guy
The way you acted out your part
And then you stayed away so many nights
You knew then it would tear my heart apart
Don't play that game with me
Not that game with me
Your love never, never, never
will I share
Don't play that game with me
Not that game with me
With that other, other guy, it's not fair
You tried to tell me he was just fling \мимолетная неудачная проба\
A little stop along the way
But I can tell it's something more than that
In spite of \не смотря на\ all the things you say
You've gotta choose between the two of us
You gotta choose that guy or me
I can't go on not knowing where I stand
If you want him, set me free, set me free
Don't play that game with me...
I'm tired of all your lies
You're playin with me
So stop your foolin around
I beg you, please
Don't play that game with me...


You're so different tonigtht

Baby, I've never seen you look the way you do
There's something special in your eyes
Maybe I, I should tell you how I feel for you
I want your love to be mine
Cause you're so different tonight
You shine when you walk in the room
You're so different tonight
Seems all the boys have eyes for you
hypnotise I fantasise
Ooh, ooh, ooh ...
tell me you feel it too
No one could look the way you do
Lately I, I've been thinking about you and me
And what the future has in store
Lady, I need to tell you what I really need
I want your love for evermore
Cause you're so different tonight...
Oh baby, I love you
I want you to feel like I do


I swear I'll answer no charges
Of theft \кража, воровство\ or purgery
When through neglect \небрежность\ you lose the one that you love
It's not easy to see
You should have shown some respect
Should have made her feel like
she was something special
You should have shown some respect
What you deserve \заслуживать\ is what you get
What you deserve is what you get
No use in saying sorry
Not much that you can do now
No use in saying you'll be good to her
She don't think you know how
You should have shown some respect...

Lyin in the arms of the one you love

This life has taken me so far and so many roads
I've had to choose
Some win, some lose
this life has been a gamble,
I held my cards close to my chest
I've played the part
Somehow the mists of time have washed all over me
the comfort of your arms is where I need to be
(Cause) when you're lyin' in the arms
of the one you love
And you got your faith in God \вера в бога\ above
And you feel like you're riding on the wind
When you're lyin in the arms of the one you love
and you know it's good from the stars above
Ooh, that's love
I get so tired of dreamin
where is the fire that burned inside
With all it's pride
the flame became a candle so fragile
with the autumn wind
the need to win
Somehow the sands of time weigh heavy over me
Wrapped \завёрнутый\ in your lovin arms is where I'd
rather be
(Cause) when you're lyin' in the arms..

Don't stop this love

I've heard some people say
Good love is hard to find
And then you came my way
You set my heart on fire
I hold inside a burning flame
It burns for you
I've seen it all before, this time I know it's true
Don't stop this love we started
We'd end up broken hearted
I never felt this way girl
Can't find the words to say girl
Don't stop this way we're feeling
Good love that we believe in
You send my whole reelin
I won't stop my lovin for you
Not fear of losing you
No empty hearts in sight
We'll never fool around
Or hurt each other's pride
For you my arms are open wide
Come inside
Two hearts that beat as one
True love to count upon
Don't stop this love we started...

The rain came down

I called you on the phone tonight
Said you were doing fine
I held my breath, said I'm alright
but we red between the lines
I asked you are you all alone
you paused before you answered
I swallowed hard, apologised
You said it doesn't matter
and then the rain came down
the rain came down
Like tears against my window pane
They cry instead of me
My heart is numb \окоченевший, онемевший\ and cries no more
for fading memories
but still the rain comes down
the rain comes down
Just like tears from up above
Falling down upon my world
well I just can't comprehend \постигнуть\
How it all went wrong back then
should have held on,
should have been strong
should have never let it end
your photgraph's still standing here
Feels like you're watching me
But photograph's can't fill this space
Or give the love I need
Still the rain comes down
The rain comes down



Chasing Shadows

Tried to carry by myself
this heart of mine don't want no one else
My tears of emptiness
Cry out for you caress
I just can't hide this feeling inside of me
- so now I'm
Chasing shadows in the moonlight
Yes, I'm flying high across the sky
- you know I'm
Chasing shadows in the moonlight
Just to be with you tonight
Silent thougths that run through my mind
Keeps the magic burning inside
Still endless days grow cold
Without your love I'm sold
this secret feeling's still burning inside of me
Chasing shadows in the moonlight...

One Night in Vienna

I was walkin the streets of Vienna
Just a shootin' my mind
when an angel of the night
She stopped, said are you looking
for a good time
Well I'd had me a whisky or two
and I had nothing else better to do, so
I said come on let's get down
and she blew my mind
One night in Vienna
I was your lover, you were my friend
One night in Vienna
One night I never wanted to end
wanted to end
Oh, oh, oh
Said I'd meet her on the corner
Same time, same place
Lots of street girls passed me by- but
No sign of my angel's face
then another one stopped me
And I couldn't resist
But she just left me standing
with a keepsake \подарок на память\ and a kiss
One night in Vienna...
I often wonder whatever happened
to my angel
One night in Vienna...

All My Life

You; you are my life,
you are my only possession \собственность, владение\
and I will love you all my life
Years, years ago,
you were my only obsession \навязчивая идея, неотступная мысль\
and I have loved you all my life
you flew to me like a bird on the wing
When, when I was down
you stayed with me through the bad times
for that I will love you all my life
We can say we are free
we don't need any more,
we don't need any more
Now there is no more,
nothing less than the good times
and I will be with you all my life
Moments of joy with some moments of silence
And I'll give you guidance all my life
We can say we are free
We don't need any more,
We don't need any more
You, you are my life,
you are my only possession
And I will love you all my life

I'd Die For You

You look so sad in your eyes
We now have to pay our price
Cause you are running around
with another guy
You must decide where you stand
And you know I must ask you again and again
Tell me that your love is still the same
I'd die for you my baby
I' die for you my baby
I cry for you when you are not by my side
I had a dream last night
You were not here by my side
and we were fighting against each other
I feel the pain in my heart
Don't you know you are
playing the part again and again
Tell me that your love is still the same
I'd die for you my baby...

Remember The Days

Remember the days I used to bring you roses
Remember the ways I used to hold you close to me
Now they're gone and I've lost my time
Never more will you be mins
Remember the days I used to send you flowers
Remember the calls that used to last for hours
Now they're gone so I take the fall
Get my chance to take it all
I, I really missed you
I, I need to kiss you
Please change your mind and find the time to call
I, I feel so hazy \туманный, неясный\
You, you drive me crazy

Please change your mind and we can have it all
it wasn't so long ago you called me darling
I was your blue eyed boy,
you were my only toy
Now they're gone and I've lost my time
Never more will you be mine

Scream you Guitar

I worshipped \почитать, поклоняться\ you
treasured you
Drove my soul inside of you
Dreamed a dream for me and you
It's turned into a nightmare
And like a drug
I can't break loose
I've died a million times for you
And like a leech \пьявка\ you suck from me
the hope, the strength left inme
My sanity \здравый смысл, рассудок still clings \держится\ to me
I've bared my soul for all to see
sold my very history
A song to please the nation
I turn my frown \угрюмый, насупленный взгляд\ to dancing clown
sing my songs, turn on the charm
To earn some love, to keep me warm
My guitar plays for you
So scream you guitar
Scream for my pain
Cry for your share of this fortune and fame \слава\
Scream you guitar
Scream for the shame
You cannot escape your share of the blame \порицание\
Yet stll I find this need in me
to prove myself to all who see
that I am what I dreamed I'd be
and I will live forever
at centre stage I'll take my place
Emotion drawn upon my face
My guitar slung around my waist \талия\
I'm here to play for you
So scream you guitar...



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